Magneto-piezo-mechanical Stresses Analysis of a Porous FGPM Rotating Non-uniform Thickness Disc with Variable Angular Velocity

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Qom, Qom, Iran.


The mechanical behavior of a fluid-saturated functionally graded porous piezoelectric material (FGPPM) rotating disc with variable angular velocity and thickness placed in a constant magnetic field was investigated. Due to variable angular velocity, the disc was subjected to Lorentz force in two directions: radial and circumferential. It was assumed the disc is power-law functionally graded in the radial direction. The disc is uniformly porous and its thickness varies as a function of radius. First, three coupled governing partial differential equations were converted to ordinary differential equations using the separation of variable technique. Then, equations were solved using Runge-Kutta and shooting methods for the case of fixed-free boundary condition. The effect of variable angular velocity, thickness profile, inhomogeneity index, porosity and magnetic field was investigated. The results demonstrate that considering angular acceleration for the disc has a considerable effect on the Lorentz force resulted by the magnetic field. Besides, the angular velocity constant has a significant effect on the stresses and displacements in the presence of the magnetic field.


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