Journal of Stress Analysis would like to thank the reviewers who have spent their valuable time on reviewing manuscripts and their honest endeavours to improve the quality of scientific researches and publications by their accurate evaluations. Please consider the following guidelines while reviewing a manuscript.


  1. The turnaround time is about 3 weeks. Please try to prepare your reports within this time span and inform the Journal Editorial Office, if you feel you could not complete the reviewing process over the given time period. 
  2. Please always consider Publishing Ethics for Reviewers while reviewing manuscripts. 
  3. Please consider the originality and innovative aspects of the researches and their relevance and quality for publishing in the Journal of Stress Analysis. 
  4. Please carefully review any parts of the manuscript from its title to references from a scientific viewpoint.
  5. Please pay special attention to the reality and reliability of the results reported in the manuscripts.
  6. Please pay special attention to the data, equations, expressions and figures, that they have been used from other references and make sure they are referenced correctly.  
  7. If you suspect any scientific and/or unethical misconduct (e.g., plagiarism, fabrication and/or falsification of data, etc) or on the whole, anything in contrast with Publishing Ethics for Authors, you must immediately inform the Journal Editorial Office. 
  8. Please check the manuscripts for probable grammatical and spelling errors as well as their scientific aspects.
  9. Please keep your comments and final report comprehensive but clear, short and logical.