Experimental Investigation of Textured Surfaces in Line and Point Mixed Lubrication Contact

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Mechanical Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.

2 Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran.


 Finding a way to reduce the wear resulted from aperities interactions in mixed lubrication regime is an interesting area. One of the inspiring solution is surface texturing. Using a convenient laser, a textured surface with arbitrary micro cavity shape and size was prepared accurately. In this study, the effect of laser surface texture on the wear and friction behavior of discs in line and point contact in mixed lubrication regime was investigated. The effect of texturing area, linear velocity, and vertical load were examined. The friction coefficient variation reaches a narrow margin after an adequate distance. The results showed that wear decreases with increasing speed and decreasing the applied force. Comparing the results between plane and textured discs, it was found that the coefficient of friction was reduced between 12 and 19% and the
amount of wear was reduced by almost more than 40%.


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