Experimental and Numerical Crushing Behavior of Sandwich Structures with Two-layered Bi-directional Corrugated Core and Single-layered Bi-directional Interconnected Corrugated Core

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol, Iran.


This paper investigates the quasi-static compressive strength of two sandwich structure designs in which cores consist of trapezoidal corrugated panels. In one design, the core consists of a steel cross-corrugated two-layered structure, while in the other design, the core consists of a single layer of bidirectional interconnected corrugated core made of ST37 steel sheets. To investigate the energy absorption capacity of these sandwich structures quasi-static compression is performed numerically and experimentally. First, from each design, a test specimen is constructed and tested under quasi-static
compressive load. Following that, the finite element models of the designs are constructed and their crushing process is simulated and the FEM method results were compared with the test results and the FE model is verified. After verification of the numerical model, for each design, three different trapezoidal wave profiles are modeled and, the mechanical behavior of the other bidirectional interconnected corrugated cores is evaluated numerically. The results showed that the maximum force and energy absorption capacity of the sandwich structures with the single-layered bi-directional interconnected corrugated core is higher than the strength and energy absorption capacity of their counterparts with the same weight in the two-layered bi-directional corrugated core group with the same weight. It was also found that, in
the single-layered bi-directional interconnected corrugated core group, the failure mode is plasticity near the welding joints, while for the single-layered bi-directional interconnected corrugated core, the failure mode is plastic buckling of the corrugated core under compressive load and some local plastic deformation in the connection of the layers.


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